Seattle Up-zoning? What about your neighborhood?


Happy 2019! The Greater Seattle real estate market has been going through a number of changes in the last 6 months. It is true that prices have adjusted a bit down this past fall and winter but the market seems to be heating back up! Interest rates were supposed to tick up before the end of the year. Instead, we saw a drop...rule of thumb is that when the stock market is doing well, interest rates go up and we see rates adjust down when the market takes a hit. We should definitely expect rates to climb this year 3-4 times by the Fed.
Up-zoning - The Seattle Times published an article earlier this month outlining the proposed plan -  A public hearing is scheduled for Feb. 25. How might this effect your neighborhood? Here is a link where you can research the impact on a specific addresses, scroll down and click ‘MAP 4: Research a specific property’. Click HERE to access the site.
As always, I am here for you! New listings are coming on the market each week. It's still a great time to buy as interest rates are relatively low and some properties have been on the market for a while. If you are considering selling this year, every indication is that we will continue to see a healthy demand as we enter the spring and summer.